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Moving! Please Excuse the Mess!

I have been at my new address for two weeks now and, unfortunately, am still caught up in the process of Moving. (urgh, how I hate it!)

My life is boxes and boxes of useless crap right now.

Regular updates will resume shortly. Until then, have a lovely day!

Leek and Potato Soup


5-7 palm-sized potatoes

3-4 leeks (or a fistful of green onions)

4 cloves garlic

1/2 cup milk or cream


salt and pepper to taste



one quart-sized stockpot


  • Fill stockpot with water and set to boil.
  • Clean and cut leeks into less than 1/4 inch pieces (the easiest way is to cut them lengthwise in half and then use kitchen shears to cut them into pieces)
  • Clean and cut potatoes into small chunks and put in boiling water
  • Saute leeks in butter, stirring constantly, about ten minutes or until soft. If they start to brown you’ve cooked them too long.
  • Put leeks and garlic, with seasonings, into the pot. Soup should boil for about fifteen minutes or until potatoes are tender.
  • When potatoes are done, drain the liquid into a pot or bowl. Mash the potatoes and garlic until you reach the desired consistency, then add liquid back to the pot. Mix thoroughly. Add milk/cream.


This soup is great- it’s nutritious  cheap and uses easy-to-find ingredients. I have leeks growing in my yard, but leeks and green onions are easy to find both in the store and in your local farmer’s market. I think this entire pot of soup cost me about five dollars- and it feeds three people for a couple of days. 

You can even spice it up a bit by adding different ingredients to it. Some fun additions I like:


-bacon or sausage

-wheat germ

-rice or barley


The Great Kitchen Debate

I tried so hard to not clean the kitchen yesterday.

That’s not true. I was going to clean it the entire time. Every time I walked by, I looked over at the mountains of dirty dishes and bedraggled countertops and said to myself “Just after I…”

Just after I got dressed, I was going to do the dishes.

Just after I watched an episode of Once, I would clean those countertops.

Just after I checked my e-mails, I would clean off the stove.

Five hours later, the sun was starting to go down and the dishes were starting to smell. I finally dragged myself over to the kitchen. I looked around at all the things I had to do. 

Why me? I asked myself, Why do I have to do such stupid things as eating and making a mess? I don’t want to clean this up. It will take forever. I don’t have time for this.

Unfortunately, no one was getting fed if I didn’t. All of our pots and pans and most of our spoons were covered in the remains of previous dinners. I would have to just suck it up and clean the stupid kitchen. 

And you know what? 45 minutes later- all of our dishes were clean, the counters were wiped, the sink was cleared out, the floors were mopped, and the kitchen looked gorgeous. I almost didn’t want to cook anything and mess it up. 

It just goes to show that the longer you put something off, no matter what it is, the worse it’s going to seem. Sure, I’m going to put off cleaning to kitchen again. I’m going to moan and gripe and drag my feet. But at least next time I’ll know it won’t be quite so bad when I finally buckle down and do so.

Wall-hanging Candleholders into Wall-hanging Planters

I recently discovered this new site, . It’s a modern kind of website- a lot of the housewares are very clean, almost to the point of minimalism. And it’s definitely aimed at a different tax bracket than I’m in!

But if you dig a little deeper, they have some really cool and inexpensive things on sale. Things perfect for craft projects! For example, in their housewares section there are these fun little wall-mounted candleholders:

And did I mention that they’re only $1.95 each?!

Now, they would be perfect on their own but I have bigger plans for them.

I’m going to turn them planters for succulents, cacti or maybe even some air plants.

Succulents or cacti are perfect for a setting like this because they don’t need a lot of soil or a lot of moisture. For something so delicate you really don’t want to load it down too much- while they seem to be relatively sturdy you really don’t want these coming off the wall!

I ordered six of them to create a nice little arrangement. I’m always looking for ways to horde more plants and this is a really nice space-saving solution.

I can’t wait until they come in the mail! I’ll keep you posted.

Welcome to Down Home in the City!

Flowers can be found wherever you look- even in the ditch!

If you read all of the Country-Living magazines, you’d think you would need 5 acres and a pony to truly get the “down-home” experience. Sadly, not all of us are pony-owner material. Never fear! There’s plenty you can do in your townhouse, doublewide or apartment to get the kind of homey flair you’ve been looking for. You don’t need to be a farmer or a 50-year-old housewife [although that’s a fine thing, too!] to be interested in the kinds of things our forefathers were.

I’ve started this blog to try and help others like myself and share my projects with the community. My name’s Lola- I’m an art student at our local community college and I’ve always been interested in more “rustic” pursuits. I guess it’s something that isn’t really expected of someone in my age group, but it is becoming more popular to do things like metalwork, woodcarving and canning. 

I’m by no means a professional- I’m new at so many things!- but I’m always interested in new projects and will post step-by-step instructions whenever possible. 

I’m so happy and excited to meet you! Welcome! Please don’t worry about wiping your feet- come on in and have some tea [I am Southern, after all- tea is really your only option]. I’m sure we’re going to be very good friends.